Copy trading increased dramatically in its popularity among all the participants of the Forex community. The service is suitable for experienced investors as well as for those just starting their acquaintance with financial markets. 

Big choices for strategies

We offered you the big widely choice to copy one of more strategies from experienced people who trade with different brokers for risk management and obtaining the best result.

Options to mitigate your risk

Select the copy ratio for your trades and set the draw-down limit to minimize the risks. You can connect your account to several strategies  to maximize the profit and minimize the risk.

What’s Copy Trading?

Being a CopyCat is not always bad, especially in trading. Easy access to one of the world’s top copy trading platforms will help you learn how to trade like the industry’s elite.

Access successful trading accounts on various platforms

Observe their strategies & trades with full transparency

Copy their trading strategies


We’ve partnered with ZuluTrade, one of the world’s top Copy Trading platforms, which gives you the opportunity to copy the trades of some of the best traders out there.

If the trader that you’re copying wins, a small commission is taken out of your winnings and given to ZuluTrade, who in turn pay the trader who has made you money and takes a small percentage for themselves.


If you’d like to be part of a community of traders who share their trading activities allowing everyone to benefit from their decisions, then MyFxBook is the place for you.

This is not a simple copy trading platform, with MyFXBook you can analyze your account with advanced statistical tools that’ll help you understand your trading habits inside out in order to improve them.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: NOT AN MDA SERVICE Neither Beinmarkets nor CopyTrade traders mentioned are providers of managed discretionary account services. CopyTrade traders trade on their own behalf only and Beinmarkets’s role is one of an executing broker only. CopyTrade traders do not manage or have access to your funds and may not even know your identity. It is your own decision to copy a particular CopyTrade trader, meaning that all trading decisions made by a CopyTrade trader will be deemed to be your own trading decisions.