BeInMarkets Gifts You The Best

As a financial service provider, it’s our obligation to give you access to trending instruments as well as the more classy ones:

Macbook Pro 13

2200 Trading Points


- Processor : Core i7
- RAM : 8/16 GB
- Storage : SSD, 128 - 2048 GB
- OS : MacOS

Apple Watch 4

500 Trading Points


- Display : 1.78r
- Alerts : beep, vibrate, call, message
- Health : ECG (cardiogram)
- Sports: heart rate monitor, altimeter, barometer, smart alarm

Iphone XR

1100 Trading Points


- Display diagonal : 6.1
- Processor : 6 cores (a), 2.4 GHz
- Memory : 128 GB, RAM 3 GB
- Battery capacity : 2940 mAh

Lenovo Yoga 720

700 Trading Points


- Display : 15.6
- Processor : Core i7
- RAM : 8/16 GB
- Storage : SSD, 256 GB

Samsung Gear S3

250 Trading Points


- Display : 1.3 Super AMOLED
- Alerts : beep, vibrate, call, message
- Enclosure : steel, IP68 protection
- Sports : heart rate monitor, altimeter, barometer, smart alarm

Samsung Note 10

1000 Trading Points


- Camera : 12 MP, + 12 MP, + 16 MP
- Processor : 8 cores, 2.73 GHz
- Memory : 256 GB, RAM 12 GB
- Battery capacity : 4300 mAh

HP Spectre 15

1700 Trading Points


- Display: 15.6
- Processor : Core i7 / 2.2 GHz
- RAM : 8/16 GB
- Storage : SSD, 256/1024 GB

Xiaomi Amazfit

150 Trading Points


- Display: 1.34
- Enclosure: plastic, IP67 protection
- Alerts: beep, vibrate, call, message
- Sport: heart rate monitor

Xiaomi Mi 9

450 Trading Points


- Camera: 48 MP, + 13 MP, + 8 MP
- Processor: 8 cores, 2.2 GHz
- Memory: 64 GB, RAM 6 GB
- Battery capacity: 4000 mAh

Beinmarkets gives you an opportunity to win (“Bein Markets Gifts”) By entering, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions​

Terms and Conditions

  • You can join Beinmarkets Gifts at any time by opening a real account with beIN Markets.
  • Customers can claim gifts at any time depending on the points balance according to the number of lots made by the customer until the date of his claim for the gift.
  • To enter into the promotion, clients must trade only on the following financial instruments offered by the company that appear on the company’s trading platform.
  • Trading points are calculated so that each standard lot that the customer opens in any direction, whether buying or selling, is equivalent to 1 trading point = 1 point.
  • Points are calculated on currency pairs, commodities and metals only, without other trading tools, and no points are calculated on the rest of the trading tools other than what was previously mentioned.
  • Only ECN accounts are eligible to enter the promotion and benefit from it. Zero Commission accounts are not eligible to enter this promotion.
  • Trades on demo accounts do not qualify users to enter the promotion.
  • The duration of the order is unlimited, unless it is stipulated in the customer agreement.
  • Only closed deals participate in the trading points account.
  • Gifts can be claimed at any time, provided that the customer has a minimum number of points to win.
  • Gifts are limited to one of each type of gift per person.
  • Gifts and participation in the promotion cannot be exchanged or transferred. However, in the event that gifts offered are unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to offer alternative gifts of equal or greater value.
  • Images used in marketing materials do not necessarily represent actual gifts. Actual gifts may vary.
  • Your gift will be sent to your chosen delivery address within 30 days of receiving your gift.
  • Each participant agrees to provide real data. Providing false information may result in you being disqualified from the promotion.
  • By participating in this Promotion, you automatically grant beIN Markets permission to use your full name and country of residence for future Bein Markets marketing activities including www.beinmarkets.com and various beIN Markets social media channels.

General Terms:
• Any type of arbitrage trading or any other abuse with pricing and/or quotes will be subject to disqualification from the promotion.
• The Promoter reserves the right to refuse or disqualify any participant without stating the reason. Reasons for disqualification may include opening large-volume opposite orders with the same currency pairs in different trading accounts at approximately the same time, as well as using price flow failures for a guaranteed profit, or any other types of fraud.
• All trading techniques or expert advisors are allowed. The Promoter reserves the right to declare any gift already given to be invalid and subject to cancellation based on direct or indirect evidence of attempted fraud with the prize money.
• Any situation not described in these rules is subject to the decision of the promoter.
• Bein Markets reserves the right to change, update or cancel this promotion with a notice in beIN Markets News