Beinmarkes FAQs

If you’re wondering whether penguins have knees, you won’t find your answer here. But if you’ve got questions about trading forex, this is where it’s at.

We’re so glad you asked, because our account types are not just any account types. You can either choose Zero or ECN, or simply pick your investment amount and see all the account benefits you can get with that budget.

Once you’ve hit submit on your application, our support elves need around 24 hours to get things done (provided it’s not the weekend, because that’s when we recharge our batteries to come back to you every Monday, fresh as a cucumber). Before you know it, you’ll get an email with your login info, and BOOM, just like that, you’re a Royal too!


We know this is the part you like the least – but we need to verify who you are and where you live. We do this via 3rd part identification checks and what we need is a proof of your identity (valid passport or government ID, AND a driving license) as well as a proof of your residency (utility bills such as water/electricity, bank or credit card Statement, tenancy contract or a residency certificate) which are required by our Regulator. Once you’ve done your online registration, your Account Genius will help you with your documents and anything else you may need to get your account activated.

You can send us your documents in one of the following languages: English, French, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, & Arabic. If your documents are in a different language, then we’ll have to be provided with officially translated documents, which may make the process a little longer.


We promise we’re not nosy but our regulators, who monitor our activities to make sure we’re running an ethical business, require the information of all our traders. Given we hold the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) license, as well as the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) license, and the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), we’re required to meet certain obligations.  

We need to be able to show who you are, where you live, and that the funds are coming from a legitimate source.  

But worry not, any information you provide stays between us and is only used for regulatory purposes.

Well, yes of course you can. As you probably know, both yourself and the party you’re joining accounts with will have to sign some documents. Once your joint account is ready, both yourself and the party you’re joining your account with will be able to trade, deposit and withdraw.

We’re in the prime of the 21st century and your options are many; from online payment options to bank transfers, we’ve even made it possible for you to write a paper cheque – because tradition is to be respected!

That really depends on the way you deposit.

For example, online payments don’t take more than a few hours, bank transfers can take up to 3 days locally and 7 days internationally, while personal cheques need around 5 days from the time of clearance by the bank. We send the money to your trading account as soon as we get it – once again keep in mind we’re talking about business hours & days.

You can start with 50 USD (or the equivalent of that in your currency). With 50 USD you can open a Beinmarkets Live Account. 

We hear you, it’s not easy to choose a broker but you’re here for a reason! Support, support & more support is what we promise you. Starting from your Demo trading experience, to every other step of the way. Other than having your very own Account Genius tagging along, you also have webinars, daily video updates and all sorts of awesome market analysis updates from our in-house team. Of course, we also offer you everything related to trading, with excellent conditions such as low spreads, fast execution, no slippage and everything you need to get a good start. 


We’re so glad you asked; we’re regulated by CySEC, ASIC & the CMA.

We place your funds in tier-1 banks of course, all client funds are held in segregated bank accounts.


You can trade a large number of instruments with Beinmarkets; forex, metals, oil, & indices.

Absolutely. You can download MT4 on your desktop, mobile phone, tablet or simply open it in your browser.

Hell yes! You can trade with either ZuluTrade or MyFxBook, with your Beinmarkets trading account. Some of our clients find copy trading to be a good way to start and educate themselves. If you’re interested, we’ll support you the whole way.

Of course, we encourage you to test-drive our account and get ready for quite the ride.

If education interests you then you’re in the right place. You’ll be getting a library of education, and insights to the market from Roy & Al in our FX-Flix video series. You haven’t tried education until you’ve binge-watched Roy & Al. 

We don’t just give you access to market analysis, we give you access to Sam and the Market Analysis Team who’s always cooking up something new. From daily videos and blog posts, to podcasts, and more. You can also follow Sam on Twitter for your daily dose of market analysis and fun!


You sure can! We’d love to have you on social media, because that’s where we express our creative side and give you lots of fun and helpful posts that’ll brighten up your day. Here are our social media pages: FacebookTwitter (@beinmarkets) & Instagram.


Yup! We do and we have been, for many years. If you’re interested, what are you waiting for? Speak with us.

We sure do. And we’ve got customised solutions for you guys, with MT4 Multiterminal and MetaFX MAM, Fix API, fast execution and so much more.

At Beinmarkets, we offer all traders access to our Tools section.

This section features top-notch news and analysis tools that will keep you up to date with daily market movements and expectations.

In addition, we send all of our clients daily market reports with detailed instrument analysis and projections, as well as SMS notifications on the latest breaking news announcements.

Yes, micro lots are available for trading on Beinmarkets’ Standard accounts.

Your demo trading account is your free trial of a broker’s trading conditions and services – of course with a few differences such as liquidity; it’s like test-driving a car before you buy it, and we encourage you to give us a test drive before opening a live account. You’re in for quite a ride! 

In trading terms, you’ll be able to trade in real market conditions, using real account features, but without the risk of losing your investment. 

Are you ready for the test drive?

Life’s simple, just open a demo account. While using your demo account you’ll get our full assistance and your own trader’s corner, where you’ll have access to education, market analysis and a trial period for some of our awesome tools.

Guess what? You don’t fund your demo account because it’s free. We give you virtual money so you can test-trade with Beinmarkets because you deserve to try it out before investing your hard-earned money. But we’re telling you from now; you’re going to love us. 

You can choose the amount you want in your demo account, once you’ve installed it. This will help you get the feels of trading the markets with your chosen budget.

Your spreads will be based on our live trading accounts. You can choose your spreads either in the pop-up registration page that you’ll see after you’ve downloaded the MT4 demo platform for the first time, or you can do it while you’re on the platform by going to the ‘File’ tab and choosing ‘Open an Account’. 


Fear not, this is normal. To activate the charts, select any instrument in the ‘Market Watch’ window and drag it to one of the charts. You’ll see your charts will come alive once you do. 


Simply right-click anywhere in the ‘Market Watch’ window and click ‘Show All’ to unveil all the instruments we have in store for you.


Of course, once you’ve opened a live trading account with us and you’re active on it, you can keep using your demo account. It’s always a great tool to test new trading strategies before taking them live, and we always want to offer you the best opportunities for success. 


On a demo account, you’ll be getting similar market conditions and trading features, and monitoring the same market as you would on a real account. The difference though is that on a demo account you’re trading virtual money, so you do not face a risk of losing most or your entire invested capital and you also get to learn. On a live trading account, the risk is real as you may profit but you may also lose most, or all of your invested capital. Also, trading/execution conditions may change, given that you will have to take into account liquidity.

Because it’s the most in-demand platform by traders across the world and for a good reason; MT4 is highly customisable, user-friendly, allows many things like hedging, scalping and EAs, and is truly the top choice for most traders.

You can trade everything we offer on MT4; forex, metals, oil, and indices. 

Simple, you can download MT4 on any of your preferred devices.

Simply right-click anywhere in the ‘Market Watch’ window and click ‘Show All’ to unveil all the instruments we have in store for you.


That really depends on the account you’ve chosen.

Simples! Click on any instrument in the ‘Market Watch’ window and click on ‘high/low’. Just like that, your high & low prices will appear next to the ‘Ask Price’. Remember, you can expand the window to the right and adjust your interface. 


We’re in the prime of the 21st century and your options are many; from online payment options to bank transfers, we’ve even made it possible for you to write a paper cheque – because tradition is to be respected!

Now we’re getting to the good stuff! Choose the instrument you want to trade and double click on it. This will open up the ‘Order Window’. When you’ve selected the volume you want to trade, you can either ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ that instrument by clicking the respective button.  

You can also place a new order by clicking on the ‘New Order’ button in the toolbar and then selecting the instrument you wish to trade from the drop-down list.

Yes, we do. Right-click anywhere in the ‘Chart’ window, and enable ‘One-Click Trading’. This should place the order tool in the upper left corner of the ‘Chart’ window.


Before you take a new order, either through the ‘Order’ window or the ‘One-Click Trading’ tool, you can alter the trade volume in the ‘Volume’ field by either manually entering the desired amount or using the drop-down button and selecting one of the preset values.


In the ‘Order window’, select ‘Pending Order’ from the ‘Type’ drop-down menu. Then select the type of Pending Order from the new ‘Type’ drop-down list that appears. Enter the price at which you want the order to be executed then click on the ‘Place’ button. You can also add an order expiry time and date to delete the pending order.


You can close an open trade by first finding it in the ‘Terminal’ window under the ‘Trade’ tab. Once you’ve found the trade you want to close, you can either double click on it and click the big yellow ‘Close’ button, or right-click on the order and click on ‘Close Order’.


You can modify a trade by first finding it under the ‘Trade’ tab in the ‘Terminal’ window. Once you’ve found it, you can double click on it and select ‘Modify Trade’ from the ‘Type’ drop-down menu and carry out your modifications. Another method is to right-click on the trade and select ‘Modify’ or ‘Delete Order’.


In the ‘Order’ window, you can enter ‘Stop Loss’ and ‘Take Profit’ limits under the ‘Volume’ field. Make sure to take into account the decimal point when entering your limit prices.


Right-click on the open position and select ‘Trailing Stop’, and then specify the required level for the trailing stop.


Hell yeah! Double click on the order, enter the volume you wish to close at the top and then click on the yellow ‘Close’ button at the bottom.


In the ‘Terminal’ window, you can keep track of the trades you’ve opened by clicking on the ‘Trade’ tab or view previous trades you have closed by clicking on the ‘Account History’ tab.

You can also view any alerts you have open under the ‘Alerts’ tab and any messages you have received from Royal under the ‘Mailbox’ tab.

Click on ‘View’, ‘Languages’, and then select the language of your choice. Close the program and reopen it for the change to take effect.


You can choose which windows to see on the platform by clicking on ‘View’ and then selecting the windows you want. These include the ‘Terminal’, ‘Market Watch’, and ‘Navigator’ among others.

There are also buttons on the toolbar corresponding to the different windows you can click on to activate/deactivate them.

Yes, you can. Right-click anywhere in the ‘Chart’ window for the instrument you wish to place an alert on. Hover the mouse over the ‘Trading’ button, and then select ‘Alert’ in the menu that opens to the right.

Once you’ve clicked on it, go to the ‘Terminal’ window at the bottom of the platform, and click on the ‘Alerts’ tab. Find the alert you just entered and double click on it. In the window that opens, you can alter the alert conditions to your requirements.

MT4 does not include any functionality to provide alerts when your margin level is close to the Stop Out level. Once your margin level reaches 50%, our system will automatically close trades until the margin level is over 50%.


For MT4, you need to have Microsoft 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 or newer.


This is perfectly normal when you log in for the first time after downloading the platform. To activate the charts, select any instrument in the ‘Market Watch’ window and drag it to one of the charts. The chart for that specific instrument will then appear right away.

Click on the ‘Charts’ tab in the toolbar and choose the type you want between ‘Bar’, ‘Candlesticks’, and ‘Line’.

You can also click on one of the chart buttons on the toolbar.

Click on ‘Insert’ in the toolbar, and then click on ‘Indicators’ after which you can select the indicator of your choice from the ones available or add a custom indicator.


Right-click anywhere on the chart, select ‘Indicators List’, select the indicator you want to delete then click on the ‘Delete’ button.


Yes, you can. Right-click anywhere on the chart, and select ‘Properties’ at the end of the menu. On the first tab which is ‘Colors’, you can alter the colors of all the chart elements. Under the ‘Common’ tab, you can change the chart’s properties.


The price you see is the Bid. To show the Ask price instead, right-click on the chart and select ‘Properties’. Click on the ‘Common’ tab, then select ‘Show Ask Line’, and then ‘OK’.


MT4 has the following chart timeframes: 1, 5, 15, and 30 Minutes, as well as One Hour, Four Hours, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

To change the timeframe, you can either right-click on the chart and choose from the tab labeled ‘Periodicity’, or select one of the period buttons on the toolbar.

Make sure that the ‘Auto Scroll’ feature on your platform is disabled. This button is located next to the ‘four-chart’ button on the toolbar.

After it has been disabled, you can then scroll back by holding the chart with your mouse and scrolling back, using the left direction key on your keyboard or the page up/down keys.

You can open as many charts as you want by clicking on the ‘New Window’ tab under the Window tab on the toolbar.

You can then arrange these charts by using the ‘Tile Horizontally/Vertically’ options.

The prices that appear on the top left corner of the chart indicate the OHLC which stands for Open, High, Low, and Current prices.


Navigate to ‘View’ and then select ‘Charts Bar’. You should then see a tab for each chart window below the chart area.


You can switch between various charts by clicking on one of the chart tabs below the chart area.


Navigate to the ‘Tools’ tab, select ‘Options’, click on the ‘Charts’ tab, and then tick on ‘Show Trade Levels’, and then click ‘Ok’.


Trailing Stops only remain active as long as you’re logged into the platform. If you set a trailing stop and then log out of the platform before the market moves in your favor by the number of points that you specified, the Trailing Stop Loss Order will not be placed.


Left-click on the error message in the bottom-right corner of the platform. Click on ‘Rescan Servers’ to find the best servers available with the strongest connection, then choose one of the servers available.

For further assistance, click on “Chat Now” at the bottom-right of your screen to contact one of our Account Geniuses.

The connection bars in the bottom-right corner of the platform will indicate a successful connection.

Green bars indicate you’re logged in successfully while red bars indicate you’re not logged in.

For help, click on ‘Chat Now’ at the bottom-right of your screen to contact one of our Account Geniuses.

The connection green bars in the bottom right-hand corner of the platform are an indication of a successful login.

Green bars indicate you’ve logged in successfully, while red bars indicate you’re not logged in.

Try to rescan the servers by left-clicking on the bottom left corner and clicking on ‘Rescan Servers’ so that the system can scan for the servers with the strongest connectivity from which you can choose.

If you get an error saying ‘Invalid Account’ in the bottom-right corner, then you’re either entering your username or password incorrectly, or selecting the wrong server type.

For help, click on “Chat Now” at the bottom-right of your screen to contact one of our Account Geniuses.

This error is a problem that arises on your terminal, not on Royal servers. The main reason behind this error is that you’re trying to send more than one signal simultaneously to our servers. This can be caused by multiple mouse clicks or orders.

The platform can only process one order at a time, so this error will appear until the terminal has processed all orders in queue. Restarting your platform can also resolve this error.

This error occurs due to a loss of connection, and hence the lack of current prices. This can happen if your terminal loses internet connection suddenly while you’re placing, modifying, or closing an order.


This error appears when you’re unable to establish a connection with our trading server.


This happens if the S/L or T/P level you’re trying to place is not within the correct parameters of the limits for that particular instrument.


This error happens when your platform isn’t up to date and is no longer compatible with our servers. 

You’ll need to update your platform by downloading the latest version of the platform.

This error means that no trading activity can take place in your account.

For assistance, click on ‘Chat Now’ at the bottom-right of your screen to get in touch with one of our Account Geniuses.

This error indicates that you’re trying to trade out of trading hours, which means there are no valid prices you can trade on.


This means you don’t have enough money available to cover the margin requirement for the trade you’re trying to place.